How to unite cultures?

This is of course is the real challenge, duh! Regardless of my personal drive and thoughts, I know there is no other solution unless domination is our goal.

I work in an international orientated company where daily issues are expressed regarding this matter. Having a responsible position, I do my best to lead in creating a balanced and respectful work environment.

But how to deal with strong personalities? Personalities whom are driven by ego and not by moral standards? Personalities that know only to dominate and feel comfortable being so?

Being respectful for me also means respecting these personalities as I do not believe it is up to me to take responsibility for their actions. It is not helping my cause though…

One path I walk, is staying determined in my believes, lead by example and I must admit this takes a lot of energy. Energy lost in compromising in my own well being.

I try not to life a lie, but still I surround myself with people who in my eyes do. I do not want an easy life, as overcoming challenges is extremely rewarding. Very pleasant though is to be, just be without compromise…

Speaking an universal language is helpful and I wish we teach our children well, because today we choose the speak differently. Either we act on our emotions or we act on our rationality. That is choice we make today… tomorrow I hope we speak in a balanced way, neither dominated by emotion or rationality…

Expression of art (=creativity) is an amazing way to speak a universal language, so will I continue putting my focus on that when I communicate…

If it is not helping my cause at least it will add to my well being…

And so writing my blog made an instant full circle in overcoming my daily challenge. Thank you for that!

Carpe Diem!



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